Hyaluronic Acid in the Eyes

hyaluronic acid eyes

Is Hyaluronic Acid Found in Eyes?

Hyaluronic acid is highly concentrated inside the eyeball. The vitreous humor (fluid within the eye) is composed almost entirely of hyaluronic acid and gives the eye a viscous gel-like property. This gel acts as a shock absorber and also serves to transport nutrients into the eye. Hyaluronic acid is often injected directly into the eye during surgical procedures to help maintain the shape of the eye. It has been said that after the 5th decade of life, our eyes stop producing the much needed hyaluronic acid, which can result in various eye conditions.

Hyaluronic Acid in Eye Cream

Many eye care products on the market contain hyaluronic acid, ranging from eye drops to eye creams. Eye drops containing hyaluronic acid are used to treat dry eye. Dry eye is when the eye/s lack fluid leaving you with dry, sensitive, and easily irritable eyes. While eye creams containing hyaluronic acid are beneficial for reducing the look of wrinkles and maintaining the skin’s moisture levels, preventing the skin from becoming dehydrated. Either way, hyaluronic acid is a key component in keeping your eyes and the skin around them plump and hydrated.

Our Favorite Hyaluronic Acid Products for Your Eyes

There are many eye products on the market containing hyaluronic acid, so to help you choose which one is right for you, we have listed our favorites below. Follow specific product instructions to get the maximum benefit.